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The Road Less Travelled: A Journey from Abu Dhabi to Nepal

Submitted by: Anonymous
Country: Nepal
Age: 25

The student who has submitted the story has chosen his identity to be anonymous. Respecting that, we have redacted some of the information for privacy. Other than that, the story is in its raw form, as submitted by the student.

Hello Everyone,

This is my Story. It all started back in 1997, when I was born.

I went to study in a government school where studying, learning, and getting quality education was a myth. As most of the government schools in Nepal have bad education quality. I started going school when I was 4. Every kid in our village used to go school just because we have a government school in our village.

Back then not everyone was aware of power of good education. So, nobody cared for the recklessness of our school. Students never had to finish their homework because there never was homework given by our teachers. I remember my friends not attending even exams and still passing the class. If anyone missed the exam they just had to pay few amount to the school management as fine. And they’ll be announced pass until 10th grade even if students don’t even recognizes a single letter from their books.

After that comes the iron gate known as S.L.C. for which our school management used to charge small amount of fee from students so they can send flaps and make it easier for students to cheat in exam.

In my batch (2012), there was 160 enrollment for S.L.C. board from our school. Exam center were too strict, no chances for students to cheat or for school representatives to do any unethical act. Teachers were kept held by exam controllers for such unethical act at exam center. 

After 3 months the result was published and shamefully out of 160 enrollment only 5 passed. I was not a bright student in my school but thank god I passed. On the day of Optional Math exam, I had a big help from a girl from another school. If she wasn’t there sitting besides me and let me copy her answers, I never would’ve passed that exam.

No one pressured me, I choose to study science as major in high school (+2) by my own choice.

Everyone was talking about how tough studying science in high school could be. Coming from government school my English was weak but no weakness in math.

So I gathered all my strength to study hard enough so I don’t have to regrets for any means.

So far so good, 2 years of high school was over. I had plan to study engineering after that. But my family was financially too weak, almost broke and had huge loans. We were too deep in this problem. As we all know higher education is expensive in country like ours. So I thought to go for scholarship and enrolled for IOE, the most prestigious engineering college in the country.

I joined PEA, Thapathali for 3 months  to prepare for IOE entrance exam. I sat in entrance exam, result were out and my rank was 1700+. So I was unable to get any scholarship and also no money to get admission in engineering college.

I had no choice but to apply for abroad. But the problem was I was only 17, so as the corruption works in our country. I had to pay Rs 200 to show my age 2 years old on passport. Instantly I made passport and roam through man-power and overseas hoping to get job opportunity in abroad. 

Finally I was selected as a messenger  in a Hospital Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE through [ Redacted for privacy ] man-power. I went to UAE in December, 2014. I was so disappointed cause I was not able to continue my study but a little bit excited because I was selected for a good position in reputed company and also it was UAE, country that is built on desert and so developed.

First 6 months I was amazed by the beautiful city Abu Dhabi. So much to explore, so much to do, easy life, every facility available which was not possible for me back in my country.  I was so lost in the life I was living in UAE, 4 years passed with the blink of an eye. Old saying “Times fly when you having fun”.

Meanwhile my older brother also went to Malaysia for job purpose. My family condition was improving cause we all worked so hard together and overcame all the problems in our life. Still some rocks unturned. I even gave up the idea of continuing  my study, cause it’s already been 4 years.

Out of nowhere one day my brother called me gave me suggestion and also gave me hope that he will support me 100% if I want to continue my study again. He said “I have believe in you. You have more potential , don’t waste it. ”. First I thought it wouldn’t be possible after 4 years of gap. Then I thought, I’ve am already drop out. If I try again, I could succeed or I’ll be back where I am right now (drop out). It will be worth a shot.

Then in 2018 I came back to  Nepal after 4 years from UAE. I always wanted to study computer science and I heard about CsIT from Tribhuvan University (TU). I was so willing to give it a try. I went to few IT colleges, enquire about procedure and pre-requisites, fortunately I was eligible for getting into IT field.

For a week I went for entrance preparation class in an engineering college. There I made friends, freshers actually. I also attended few seminars and acknowledged about the scope and benefits of studying IT from TU, though University doesn’t matter. I filled the entrance examination form in that college and also I was hoping to get admission in the same college.

After a week there was entrance exam attended it. A month later result were published. 35 was the pass mark, and I was able to score 37 (luckly), it was too low to get admission in colleges like Kathford, Orchid, Bernheart even Nagarjuna College and any reputed engineering colleges. Almost all the colleges rejected my admission form right away knowing that I’ve 4 years gap after +2 and my grade also wasn’t so impressive (scored 59% in aggregate).

I visited each and every IT colleges in Kathmandu valley. They all had objection with my past experience and gap after +2, also my score. I thought continuing the study after 4 years will be tough but it was more tough to get even admission after such long period. I understood why they were not willing to give me a chance.

Finally one day I was in [Redacted for privacy] [College Name] with my few new friends that I made when preparing for entrance, requesting principle for admission.

Surprisingly the principle (chairman) was so helpful and was willing to give me admission in his college as CsIT student. He even said “Joining college after such long time will be hard for you, you might need some help focusing on your study.” I was like alright one level is complete now let’s study.

In 1st semester I scored 77% and believe me I’ve never seen such marksheet with my name on it. I knew I can do this and now I’m in 7th semester. All my past semester is all clear. I’ve even joined internship as Angular Developer in [Redacted for privacy] [Company Name].

Every now and then I feel like if I didn’t ever lose those 4 years of my life in UAE. I would’ve completed my college already in 2018 and reaching out  to make my career but I am still studying. But the situation were too harsh for my family back then. Living in poverty, with no home, no money. 

Some feels my story inspirational, I feels like God was high while writing my story. Putting too many twists in my life. Alright people that was my story till now and I am willing to shoot for star now.

I hope you all are doing your best. Keep up the good work. Conquer your resting potential and keep it in work. We are the future of this world.

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  1. Honestly, this is such an amazing and inspiring story. I came to know this through a friend.Thank you for sharing this. Awesome!

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